How to join our referral program

As an PulpoChat customer, you can refer as many new customers as you like to sign up for one of our plans. All you need to do is share your personal referral link with others. When they sign up for a paid plan, you get 30% of the value of their plan for 3 consecutive months as long as the subscription remains active.

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    Get your affiliate link

    From your account settings and click on "Referral Program".

  2. 2
    Share your personal referral link

    Share the unique PulpoChat registration URL. The link looks like this:

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    Control referred users and earnings

    From the configuration panel you can control how many users you have referred and the progress of your benefits.

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    Get your reward!

    Receive payments every month to your PayPal email address on file or use commissions as credits that you can deduct from your own PulpoChat invoices.

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Calculate your earnings

For every customer you refer, you will receive 30% of the value of the Referral's first subscription payment plan for the first 3 consecutive months.

What you would earn for{{value}}referred users



per month
{{product * 3}}for 3 months
* {{value}} referral user subscriptions = ${{product}}/month or ${{product * 3}} total profit if users stay 3 months using the service

Simple. Without efforts. Transparent.

Our affiliate program allows you to control referred users and passively receive monthly earnings, sharing a product that can help many.

Our proposal
  • Recommend PulpoChat to whoever you think might find it useful

  • Get a big chunk of your subscription fee

  • Keep track of all your earnings with absolute transparency

  • No overhead

  • Doesn't take a lot of time

  • No marketing

  • risk free

What we are NOT asking for
  • Spam your friends and acquaintances

  • Have little or no reward for recommending our product

  • Recommend a service you don't think is useful

  • Invest money or time to advertise our services

  • Taking some kind of risk

  • Wasting time with complicated paperwork

  • Not having visibility of your activity


We cannot thank you enough for promoting our services, however, we cannot apply for the Referral Program retroactively. Now that we have a properly structured Referral Program, you can continue to recommend PulpoChat to start getting paid for doing so. 🙂

We are very sorry, but former customers are not eligible to participate as Referred users and therefore referring them would not generate commission for the Referrer. The referred user must have a new email address and a new WhatsApp number that has not been used before on PulpoChat.

If the Referred user upgrades or downgrades their plan during the first 3 months in which the Referrer accrues their commission, the Referrer will earn 30% of the base plan price regardless of their actual invoice amount (which may vary depending on when you made the change of plan).). For example: the Referred user starts their subscription with a Business plan and the Referrer gets their 30% commission on the Business plan ($20.97). On the 16th day of their first billing cycle, the Referred user upgrades to Enterprise so that the invoice for the second month of subscription shows that their current plan is Enterprise. In the second month, the Referrer will get 30% of the Enterprise plan ($29.97).).

Unfortunately, payments can only be made in Euros (EUR) at this time.

As long as it is a number that has never been used on PulpoChat, of course, they can change their WhatsApp numbers as many times as necessary without unsubscribing and you can benefit.

There is a maximum of 60 days from the day the Referred user registers until his first payment for the Referrer to receive the commissions of the purchased plan.

Any user who clicks your link but doesn't sign up right away can be linked as your referred user within 60 days. If the user does not register within 60 days, the referred user will not be eligible.

If you are eligible to withdraw money, have a consolidated profit of more than $50 / €50, and have a PayPal account, you can request a payment and we will process it within 7 business days.
In case we find some irregularities in the application, we may contact our for further clarification. We reserve the right to reject the request in the event that we find that it violates our Terms and Conditions.

The Referrer earns commissions only for the first subscription paid by the Referred user, so if the Referred user subscribes to one or more plans, the Referrer's commissions do not change. But we are still very grateful to you, so please do not hesitate to contact us to let us know if this situation occurs so that we can assess it and give you an additional reward for your commitment. 🙂

Unfortunately it is not possible to split the commission. You can decide once per withdrawal that it is not possible

Sure thing! You can turn on email notification in the Referral Program settings and we'll send you an email whenever we have good news for you. 🙂
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