Boost your business with our technology

Join PulpoChat and revolutionize your business: our white-label program offers a versatile and feature-rich WhatsApp messaging solution that your customers can benefit from!

Cloud solution

We take care of all the technical stuff so you don't have to, including cloud system management, high availability, software fixes, software updates, and continuous feature development with weekly updates.

Sell it as your own product

Use your own logo, brand and domain to offer a native and integrated experience to your customers. Choose from 3 color templates and customize your brand identity.

Flexible prices

Define your own price with an unlimited sales commission by applying the pricing strategy that best suits the objectives and goals of your business. You can also display prices in different currencies.

Multiple payment options

Choose between charging your customers directly or relying on our neutral payment system that will collect payments from your customers and pay you sales commission once a month via PayPal or bank transfer.

Manage your clients from the control panel

Easily manage your business operations with our intuitive web administration panel. You will have full control over everything from clients, subscriptions, messages, metrics and payments.

Offers all the features of the platform

Provide your clients with all the great features of PulpoChat, including live chat with multiple agents, API access and documentation, tutorials, Help Center and much more in a complete white label style. All new features will be immediately available for your platform.

Free 7-day trial for your customers

Increase conversions and sales by allowing potential customers to try your product or service without any obligation or commitment. All your customers will be entitled to a 7-day free trial per customer. No strings attached.

Full access to API, documentation and Help Center

All platform features are included and completely white labeled, including API access, API documentation and code samples, dozens of tutorials, Help Center with 80+ articles, and live API tester with more of 80 examples of use cases.

Multi-language interface

Our product interface is designed with global accessibility in mind, which is why we've made it available in 7 languages. Whether your clients prefer English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian or German, our platform has them covered.

Offer a solution for communication on WhatsApp to your customers

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What do you need to start?


One-time setup payment

  • Administration panel

  • Domain and custom branding

  • unlimited clients

  • Configuration of prices and custom commissions

  • Access to the administration panel

  • Custom prices in addition to current prices

  • Automatic software updates

  • Platform ready in 3 days

  • Customized invoices

  • Integrated incident report and live chat

  • Available in 7 languages

  • 7-day trial included for all customers

I want to be a Reseller

Frequent questions

The PulpoChat Reseller Program is a white label program that allows individuals or businesses to resell the PulpoChat messaging platform to their own customers or users under their own brand. This means that resellers can customize the platform with their own logo providing a personalized experience for their customers. With this program, resellers can take advantage of the capabilities of the PulpoChat messaging platform and offer their customers a powerful communication tool, while building their own brand and business.
Anyone can join the PulpoChat reseller program, be it an individual or a business. However, you must have a solid understanding of the PulpoChat platform and its features. Having a strong business in SaaS or communication is a huge plus.
As a reseller, you will resell our services to your own customers or users at a higher price. You will earn a profit on the difference between our price and the price you charge your customers.
To join the PulpoChat reseller program, please follow the steps below: 1. Visit our website and navigate to the reseller section. 2. Complete the registration form provided. 3. You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been approved. 4. Log in to the reseller panel and start reselling the PulpoChat platform to your customers.
Our team will make sure to provide you with all the information you need to make your business successful. As a reseller, you'll receive extensive support tools to help you assist your customers, including a comprehensive dashboard, help desk, tutorials, and documentation. Additionally, we provide a priority channel through our online chat for resellers to contact us for guidance and support, allowing you to receive assistance whenever you need it as you work to support your customers.
The amount of money you can earn as a PulpoChat reseller depends on how many customers you can sign up and the prices you charge for the platform. The more customers you have, the more money you can earn.
After the initial one-time setup fee, there are no additional charges to use the platform, allowing you to start your business with ease and without further financial obligations.
Absolutely, as a reseller, you can rebrand the PulpoChat platform under your own brand, internet domain and sell it to your customers or clients as your own product in a completely customized way.
Any company or organization that needs to communicate with clients or customers through messaging can benefit from using the PulpoChat platform. This includes companies in industries like e-commerce, customer support, hospitality, healthcare, and more.
We have two payment options:

a.Using credits: Resellers periodically top up credits on their account with a bank card and their end customers' paid subscriptions are deducted from the credits at our base price. In this case, the reseller is responsible for charging their end customer in the way they prefer with the commission they deem appropriate in the currency they want. With this payment method, your end customers will not be able to add a payment card directly to their accounts.

Also, this method requires the reseller to have good control of their customers, because they can perform various actions that trigger a payment, such as a plan upgrade, creating additional devices, adding paid agents to the Enterprise plan, etc.

You will receive a notification every time your customers perform these types of actions on your account, however, the payment will be taken from your credits. On the other hand, your earnings go directly to you in the currency of your choice and the customer would never know that there is another company providing the service.

b.Direct Payment: We charge the end customer directly using our brand neutral company and automated payment infrastructure, and then pay them sales commissions once a month via Paypal or bank transfer. In this case, we would exclusively accept USD or EUR.

It depends on the payment method you choose (see the previous question for more details). If you want to automatically charge your customers, the only currencies allowed are US dollars and Euros.

On the other hand, if you choose the credit method, since you are in charge of billing your customers in the way you prefer, you can have them pay in any currency you choose. Please note that reseller credits are always paid in US dollars or Euros.
Since the platform is entirely under your company name, we do not provide support directly to your customers. However, as a reseller, you will have access to a comprehensive control panel, help desk, tutorials, and documentation to help your customers. In addition, we offer a priority channel for resellers to contact us via our web chat, where we can provide guidance and support as needed to help your customers.
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