How can PulpoChat benefit my business?

PulpoChat is the tool your team needs to provide your customers superior support.
Designed for your team's collaboration and productivity with better capabilities for WhatsApp.

Accessible to everyone, ready in a few minutes

What do I need to start?

1. A WhatsApp account (can be either Personal or Business)

2. A computer for each agent

Sign up in minutes

Fill out a short form and create your account

Choose your plan

Select from the three plans the one that best suits your needs

Invite your team

Send a chat access invitation to your agents

Scan the WhatsApp QR code

Scan the QR code to synchronize your WhatsApp account with PulpoChat

You can start using PulpoChat now! It took only 2 minutes 馃槈

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Working together means answering faster and better

WhatsApp is the most used communication app and it is where your customers want to communicate with you. Discover the advantages of having your entire team working on WhatsApp at the same time:

  • Distribute incoming chats among your agents
  • Cover a wider time slot
  • Perfect for remote teamwork
  • Increase your closeness to your customers and their satisfaction

Keep all communication on WhatsApp under control

Monitor and compare key customer service performance indicators at team and agent level to know exactly where there is room for improvement.

  • Average resolution time per team and per agent
  • Response time per team and per agent
  • Agent Uptime
  • Get detailed analytics and trends
  • Compare the data with previous periods
  • Monitor the activity of your agents

Tools to optimize and organize your communication on WhatsApp

PulpoChat offers much more than WhatsApp Web: a professional tool to allow your team to be faster and more efficient.

  • Quick answers accessible with a click or a shortcut
  • Edit text and emoticons to better express yourself
  • Schedule messages for future times or dates
  • Delayed message sending to review it again
  • Chat resolution to keep your inbox in order
  • Include signatures to personalize the message of each agent
Screenshot preview

Manage several WhatsApp numbers at the same time

If you have several WhatsApp numbers, you can connect to all of them simultaneously from your computer.

  • Manage all your numbers easily
  • Get aggregate statistics or by number
  • Distribute your agents among your numbers
  • Your agents can switch among numbers with a click
Screenshot preview

Extend you contacts' data for a more personalized service

Offering a close, precise and impeccable service to all your customers is the first step to ensure more conversions.

  • Include metadata (eg order number, shipping number, etc.)
  • Leave notes about the client for other agents
  • Apply labels to classify your customers
  • Add useful information for closer treatment
Complete control over your team

Customize and manage access to your team's chats with Permissions

Easily define in detail what read and reply permissions your team members can have with chats.
Only available on the Premium plan

Manage permissions

How does it work?

What permissions can I edit?

You can define what actions you want your agents to be able to take on chats (read, reply, resolve, delete and much more), and on what type of chats they can take them (all chats, only chats assigned to them, etc.)

Who can edit the permissions?

The person who owns the account can manage everyone's permissions. Administrators can edit supervisor and agent permissions, and supervisors can edit agent permissions.)

How can I set the permissions?

Through the panel of your number you can modify the permissions.

See demo image
Increase the privacy of your conversations and the productivity of your team

Permissions are defined by WhatsApp number. If users have access to multiple WhatsApp numbers, make sure they have the permissions you want them to have on each one.

Find out more about permissionsTest permissions now
Automations = More productivity + More satisfied customers

Increase the productivity of your team with Automations

Focus on what matters most, your business and your customers.
Let OctopusChat do the boring part.

Only available in the Advanced and Premium plan

The power of Artificial Intelligence in one click

Take advantage of the most advanced AI technology to obtain response predictions that understand the context of the conversation

  • Generates automatic responses based on the context of the conversation
  • Based on the pioneering technology used by ChatGPT
  • Able to generate complex responses in seconds in any language
  • Increase agility and satisfaction by reducing response times
  • Available in Advanced and Premium plans

Automatic assignment of chats

Save time and let our algorithm automatically and equitably allocate new chats that enter your WhatsApp number.

  • Automatically assign new chats to available agents
  • Includes or excludes unavailable agents
  • Label auto-assigned chats
  • Reassign resolved chats if the agent they were assigned to is unavailable
  • Automatically unassign chats if no other user is available
  • Excludes specific roles from automatic assignment
  • Exclude specific users from automatic assignment
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Send welcome messages automatic

Receive your customers with an automatic welcome message to stand out from the competition.

  • Personalize your welcome message with emoticons and images
  • Define the frequency of sending between 1 and 60 days
  • Automatically apply labels to new contacts
  • Excludes chats resolved or already assigned to an agent
  • Excludes specific customer numbers

Automate your absent messages

Don't miss any messages when you're contacted outside of your team's business hours and send your customers an automated message.

  • Personalize your absence message with emoticons and images
  • Configure the weekly time slot in which you want to enable automatic sending
  • Includes specific days and holidays
  • Automatically add tag to answered chat
  • Excludes specific customer numbers
  • Send messages only to chats with specific labels
  • Excludes pending, assigned, or resolved chats

Save time in moments most in demand

Do not leave your clients aside at rush hour. An automated message improves your customer experience and the efficiency of your team.

  • Personalize your rush hour message with emoticons and images
  • Send an automated message if your customer has to wait more than 3 minutes
  • Automatically add tag to answered chat
  • Excludes specific customer numbers
  • Excludes pending, assigned, or resolved chats

Don't miss a sale with follow up messages

Send an automated message to keep the conversation going with your customers.

  • Personalize your follow-up message with emoticons and images
  • Send an automated message between 24 hours and 7 days from the last message
  • Automatically add a label to the chat
  • Excludes specific customer numbers
  • Excludes pending, assigned, or resolved chats

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Easy and complete API + Webhooks solution

<Hello World/>, developers 馃槂

WithPulpoChatyou can easily integrate ourAPI to automate all communication on WhatsApp, send automatic or scheduled messages, integrate your CRM, create your own chatbots and much more, without complications.

  • Send and receive messages via API + Webhooks easily in minutes.
  • Simple and flexible Extensively documented APIwith examples.
  • Get ready-to-use code samples in over 15+ languages.
  • Integrate 1000+ apps, CRM, CMS, e-commerce easily with Zapier or Make.
  • Use ourAPI testerwith more than 80 use examples with code.
  • Easy integration for chatbots and incoming messages with Webhooks.
  • Explore more than 15 tutorials of API usage with practical examples.

  • Send simple text message
  • Send multi-line text message
  • Send message to a group
  • Send media image
  • Send video message
  • Send media PDF message
  • Send audio as voice record
  • Send media message from uploaded file
  • Send scheduled message at a specific date and time
  • Send scheduled message to a group
  • Mention group participants in a message
  • Send message with dynamic reply buttons
  • Send message with action reply buttons
  • Send a list of items to select from
  • Send message with text formatting
  • Send location message with coordinates
  • Send location message with address
  • Send message with emojis 馃榾 馃槈 馃憦
  • Send message with template variables
  • Send message with URL links
  • Send contact card message
  • Reply to message
  • Select reply in buttons or list message
  • Send message through a specific device
  • Send message with a custom reference identifier
  • Send product catalog
  • Send message in real-time with no queuing
  • Send messages in strict queue order
  • Send message with maximum retries
  • Send message with expiration time
  • Send message within a time and day range
  • Send message reaction
  • Remove message reaction
  • Edit message
  • Delete message
  • Send message on behalf of an agent
  • Send message on behalf of an agent and assign chat
  • Send message and unassign chat
  • Send message and resolve chat
  • Send message and unresolved chat
  • Send message and mark chat as unread
  • Send message and mark chat as read
  • Send message and add chat labels
  • Send message and remove chat labels
  • Send message and add chat's contact metadata
  • Send message and remove chat's contact metadata

  • Update chat labels
  • Assign chat to an agent
  • Unassign chat from agent
  • Set chat status as resolved
  • Set chat status as pending
  • Read one or multiple chats
  • Mark chat as unread
  • delete chat
  • Delete multiple chats
  • Create a private note in a chat
  • Archive chat
  • Unarchive chat

  • create new contact
  • Update contact with metadata
  • Partially update contact metadata
  • block contacts
  • Unblock contacts

  • Create a new group
  • Get list of available group chats
  • Update group information and permissions
  • Update group image
  • Add participants to group
  • Remove participants from a group
  • Promote participants as admin in a group
  • Demote participants in a group
  • Get group invite code and URL
  • Revoke group invite code
  • Join group by invitation code
  • Leave group

  • Get available labels
  • create new label
  • Update label
  • Delete label

  • Get the Business catalog of your connected number
  • Query the WhatsApp Business catalog of any number

  • Upload file from remote URL
  • Search uploaded files
  • Search received files
  • Get uploaded file information
  • Get received file information
  • Delete uploaded file
  • Delete multiple uploaded files
  • Download uploaded file content
  • Download received file content

  • Check if a phone number exists in WhatsApp
  • Validate and normalize a list of phone numbers

  • Get WhatsApp session status
  • Get QR image for WhatsApp number pairing
  • Recreate WhatsApp number session
  • Reboot WhatsApp number session
  • Synchronize WhatsApp number session

  • Get WhatsApp profile information
  • Update WhatsApp profile information
  • Get WhastApp profile image
  • Update WhatsApp profile image

Integrate any software easily

Connect 1000+ apps using our Zapier and Make app, or create a custom integration via our API.

Join thousands of teams that have already improved their communication on WhatsApp

Our mission is to supply teams of businnesses of all types and sizes with a powerful yet simple tool to provide professional and personalized customer service on WhatsApp. Years of experience and our commitment to continuous improvement allow us to offer a robust solution and excellent customer support.

Yes, it's just what I was looking for!

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Use cases

Does PulpoChat suit my needs?

PulpoChat is designed to help small and medium-sized companies of any kind to offer an excellent service in team on WhatsApp in a simple, immediate and uncomplicated way.

Clinics and health centers

When it comes to personal matters like health, you need to make your clients feel safe and comfortable. WhatsApp is safe, fast and everyone knows how to use it.

WithPulpoChatyou can:
  • Schedule appointments
  • Send confirmations and reminders
  • Share files and photos
  • Address doubts and queries
Schools and academies

Schools are among the most innovative industries because they need to respond quickly and effectively to all the changes in society. This is what you can offer your customers withPulpoChat:

  • Provide support on WhatsApp about your services
  • Share learning material
  • Provide quick and private responses
  • Create student communities to share knowledge
  • Send general and personal communications

Insurance companies, credit services, all kinds of consulting, coaching, real-time news, you name it. If you have a small business or your type of activity does not allow you to access the official WhatsApp API,PulpoChatis what you are looking for.

WithPulpoChatyou can:
  • Provide your services through WhatsApp
  • Multi-agent chat: assign each chat to the specialist in your team
  • Manage your customers with tags and metadata
  • Keep track of your activity on WhatsApp with statistics and reports

Timely notifications and customer support are the most important aspects when it comes to communication in this field.PulpoChatit can be easily integrated with your system to offer automatic notifications and respond to queries.

WithPulpoChatyou can:
  • Send confirmations and reminders
  • Send and receive files and photos
  • Multi-agent support: have your entire team take care of your customers
  • Increase the productivity of your team with statistics and reports
Online stores

Answer queries, send relevant information, solve problems, increase sales.PulpoChatmakes it easy for your business and your team to be on your customers' favorite messaging platform.

PulpoChatit allows you:
  • Send confirmations and reminders
  • Send and receive files and photos
  • Multi-agent support: have your entire team take care of your customers
  • Increase the productivity of your team with statistics and reports

How many times have you been asked if you accept delivery or takeout orders via WhatsApp? It's time to get up to speed and provide the service everyone demands. When your customers contact you on WhatsApp, withPulpoChatyou can:

  • Answer queries
  • Confirm reservations
  • Share files and photos
  • Send notifications and reminders

Multiple plans for all kinds of needs

Fixed costs without surprises
Flexibility without permanence
Monthly cost without commitment
Do you have several WhatsApp numbers? Hire multiple plans according to your needs!

Exclusive offer for life!

Sign up today and get a special reduced price by saving up to $240 USD per year. Only available now!


Ideal for small teams with moderate volume of messages.

$4939 USD / month

Equivalent ~= R$ 146.3 *

  • 1 WhatsApp number included
  • 3 users included
  • Analytics and reports by user
  • 20,000 text messages
  • 10,000 multimedia messages
  • Unlimited incoming messages
  • Unlimited customer management
  • Automatic replies
  • Automatic assignment
  • AI Reply Prediction
  • Team permissions
  • Quick replies
  • Private notes between users
  • Chats and contacts Synchronization
  • Chat categorization
  • Scheduled messages
  • Messages with personalized signature
  • Media messages of up to 3 MB
  • 6 months of data retention
  • API Access + Webhooks
  • Standard support in English


For medium teams with higher volume of messages and analytics.

$7969 USD / month

Equivalent ~= R$ 348 *

  • 1 WhatsApp number included
  • 6 users included
  • Analytics and reports by user
  • 50,000 text messages
  • 20,000 multimedia messages
  • Unlimited incoming messages
  • Unlimited customer management
  • Automatic replies
  • Automatic assignment
  • AI Reply Prediction
  • Team permissions
  • Quick replies
  • Private notes between users
  • Chats and contacts Synchronization
  • Chat categorization
  • Scheduled messages
  • Messages with personalized signature
  • Media messages of up to 10 MB
  • 1 year data retention
  • API Access + Webhooks
  • Standard support in English


The most complete and unlimited solution for demanding teams.

$11999 USD / month

Equivalent ~= R$ 499 *

  • 1 WhatsApp number included
  • 10 users included
  • Analytics and reports by user
  • Unlimited outgoing messages
  • Unlimited multimedia messages
  • Unlimited incoming messages
  • Unlimited customer management
  • Automatic replies
  • Automatic assignment
  • AI Reply Prediction
  • Team permissions
  • Quick replies
  • Private notes between users
  • Chats and contacts Synchronization
  • Chat categorization
  • Scheduled messages
  • Messages with personalized signature
  • Media messages of up to 30 MB
  • Unlimited data retention
  • API Access + Webhooks
  • Priority support in English
Do you need more than 10 agents? No problem!
Add as many agents as you need in the Premium plan for only

$9 USD

monthly fee for each additional agent ~= R$ 45 *

* All plans are monthly renewable with no permanence commitment or cancellation costs.
* The final price could include VAT depending on the country within the European Union without corresponding "VAT" number.

Do you have any question?

Here are our answers to frequently asked questions

Sure, PulpoChat works with any WhatsApp number, personal or business.

Of course, you can continue using the WhatsApp app on your cell phone without losing the contacts, chats, or messages stored there. You will always have control of your number and all data.
PulpoChat simply allows you to increase the capabilities of WhatsApp for better team productivity, without losing your data, and operate as you always have in a simple and more flexible way.

Yes, you can have all the numbers you need within the same account and keep everything under control. Keep in mind that for each WhatsApp number it will be necessary to associate an individual payment plan.

It is not possible to make calls and video calls, however, there are many other useful functions that you can use instead, such as sending voice messages and videos.

Our plans can be paid with any bank card from the main international circuits, such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, etc. After the first payment, the card data will be stored in a totally secure way in your account so that the system makes the successive charges automatically every 30 days through our payment partner Stripe. The subscription can be canceled at any time without problems.

There is no additional cost per message. Our prices are simple, fixed and predictable every month, without surprises and totally transparent. If you need more messages from the recruiters, you can always upgrade to the Premium plan for a high volume of messages sent.

The best relationships are based on the freedom of each one, therefore we are not going to force you to be with us for even a minute more than you want. You can cancel the service at any time. The cost of the service is monthly, without any long-term commitment.

Yes, you can send messages to any WhatsApp number, even if you don't have it saved on your cell phone.

WhatsApp does not support the sending of unsolicited messages, therefore any practice that is explicitly prohibited by WhatsApp is also prohibited in PulpoChat. Remember that you will only be able to send messages and notifications that your contacts expect and want to receive.

To be able to use our platform you only need a WhatsApp account, a mobile phone to scan the QR code and a good internet connection. You will not have to go through the Facebook / Meta validation process and you will be able to start using PulpoChat in a matter of a few minutes without giving explanations to anyone.

Not at all, whatever the size of your company or the business you are in, you and your team are welcome at PulpoChat.
Currently, many types of businesses, from small companies to businesses with hundreds of employees, from very diverse sectors, use PulpoChat to improve the quality and productivity of customer service on WhatsApp.

Of course, each WhatsApp number you want to connect can have a different plan depending on your needs. Choose the plan that best suits you when you connect it, and later you can always upgrade or downgrade in a few clicks.

Of course! We value your privacy and security more than anything else, so you're in good hands. All data that passes through PulpoChat is end-to-end encrypted so that your messages, media files, voice messages, locations, etc. are protected and under your control at all times.

Of course! All our plans include API + Webhooks integration. For more information, see documentation for developers and software integration.
Also, thanks to the API and our documentation with dozens of examples in 15+ programming languages, you will be able to integrate any existing CRM, ERP or CMS on the market.
You can also use Zapier or Make/Integromat to interface any third party system or API with our API. The possibilities are almost endless 馃榾

Yes, we offer on-demand annual plans for one or several numbers with a 1-month free discount, so you pay 11 months and get 12 months of service 馃コ
Contact us for more information.

Do you have more questions? Talk to our team!

What about signing up up for a free trial?

It is not necessary to put your card and you can use the platform for 7 days